Top 5 Newest Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Through 2022

The world of digital marketing is highly dynamic where new trends keep coming and changing the way marketing is done. Being a digital marketer, you must keep looking ahead and strive to embrace new tools and technologies to stand out from the crowd. 

Here, we’ve put together the list of the 5 hottest trends that you can’t ignore in 2022. Add them to your marketing strategy and gain an edge over your competitors. 

List of Digital Marketing Trends 2022

1- Chatbots

One of the latest digital marketing trends of 2022, Chatbots is the AI-based technology that uses instant messaging to chat with customers and site visitors. Businesses, nowadays, can leverage the chatbox to establish a strong connection with customers. 

It is said that around 63% of people prefer messaging on the chatbox to connect with their favorite brands. This virtual support provides excellent customer service to the site visitors and makes them feel welcome on the website. 

Moreover, it saves businesses time and effort of answering every visitor or customer individually which means that they can get rid of the repetitive tasks and can focus on their important work. 

2- YouTube “Shorts”

YouTube has recently launched a new feature on the platform in the name of “Shorts”. This is almost identical to the Instagram “Reels” where you can create a short 15-seconds video. Its main objective is to draw the users’ attention and keep them engaged. 

Since the popularity of short videos has been increasing nowadays, YouTube Shorts is a perfect opportunity for all brands and businesses to grab the attention of their audience by creating short yet interesting video content. 

3- Augmented Reality

The next latest digital marketing that you cannot afford to miss is Augmented Reality. This consists of three features – A combination of real and virtual worlds, Real-Time Interaction, and Accurate 3D registration of virtual and real objects. 

Augmented Reality is much more plausible from a marketing point of view and the experts foresee that AR will continue to outperform the buzzing trend of virtual reality in terms of market share. 

Major brands like Gucci, IKEA, and many more are using AR technology to elevate the customer’s experience which in turn increases their sales by multiple times. 

4- Voice Search Optimization

Recent research conducted by Reviews42 on voice search claims that around 55% of teenagers are using voice search features every day. The massive adoption of this trend by the young generation shows how popular voice search is in the current times.

There are a couple of reasons why this trend is getting so much hype these days. Firstly, the rapid growth of smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Home has taken the voice search feature to the next level. Around 20% of households have brought these speakers which shows how people have started to get accustomed to this new behavior.

Secondly, these smart speakers have gained 95% accuracy in the voice search due to which they have become easy to use. So, with so many growth factors indicating the rise of voice search, making your website ready for voice search optimization will surely reap benefits in the future.

5- International Ads

Digital Marketing has opened up the global doors for businesses, giving them the chance to gain the attention of customers worldwide. You can now run ads in different countries and capture the global market.

This hottest trend allows you to increase your audience at similar or lesser costs. Yes, you read it right!! There are certain countries where you’ll be able to run ads at a cheaper cost and spread your brand awareness beyond geographical boundaries. 

Summing Up

So, this is our definitive guide to the 5 newest digital marketing trends to watch through. Hope you find it informative!! Get updated with the latest trends about Social Media marketing services in GurgaonSEO services in Gurgaon and digital Marketing services in Gurgaon, stay relevant in the market to deliver the best value to your clients.