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Email Marketing

Why use Email Marketing services?

Every day, more than 290 Billion emails are sent. Email marketing is the most effective marketing channel. A successful email marketing strategy is more than tactics. From today 290 Billion emails are sent daily, it is expected to reach 347 Billion daily emails by the end of 2023. Email marketing strategies have evolved over the years. What worked five years ago, now no longer works. But it's still a key player to any marketing strategy. You may ask why? Because it still brings the results and delivers the highest ROI.


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Unrivalled Levels of Service

Email marketing has the highest conversion rate in the marketing industry for a fact. Providing you the ability to create the right content and make it available to right audience at the lowest cost possible. Infact, Email marketing gives you the analytical data in the best possible way possible to improve your pitching and sales revenue.

Driving Revenue

Email marketing is great for taking advantage of impulse buying decision making. There aren't other marketing platforms which allows customers to go from offer to purchasing in just two clicks.

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Easy to measure

Subscribers can easily read a custom designed emailer to show them the latest information on any offer along with the ability to share it in just a few clicks with relevant people.

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Reach a global audience

You are only restricted with the data of the relevant audience. You can reach thousands of people in a click at the lowest cost possible. Which is not possible with any other platform.

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Delivering targeted messages

Eliminating the biggest challenge any brand faces is offering the right offer or product to right audience at the right time. In email marketing you can target people living in different parts of the country interested in different line of products with the right product offers.

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How effective is Email Marketing?

Email marketing has the highest conversion rate in digital marketing. Email Marketing enable users and marketers to target the right size of audience with suitable characteristics at the right time.

Is email marketing affordable?

Email Marketing is the most affordable marketing option for any brand out there. You only pay for the number of people you are trying to reach out to. Email Marketing usually costs almost 40% less than any other marketing plans out there.

How does email marketing work?

To use email marketing, one needs to have the correct data of their targeted audience with their name & email address. There are multiple email marketing platforms to send thousands of emails in one click to your audience. You will have the flexibility to choose the audience's size and the plan to send the emails from any service provider.