Discover the 6 Key Digital Marketing Pillars for Success

Establishing a strong digital foundation isn’t a luxury anymore; rather, it has become integral to driving sustainable brand growth. Digital-first experiences are becoming increasingly important in B2B marketing as more and more businesses are switching to digital channels to make purchasing decisions. 

However, building a powerful digital presence isn’t as simple as it may sound. It requires a lot of wins, ranging from organic and paid search and website user experience to paid media. Brands need to create the right foundation across digital ecosystems. You won’t be able to reach your full digital potential without excelling in the core areas. So, if you are new to this landscape and looking for help, consider these six Digital Marketing pillars to ensure your brand shows up on the right channel. 

What are the 6 Pillars of Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketers live in the most dynamic and complicated ecosystem, making it challenging to navigate and utilize it productively and effectively. In order to help, we’ve outlined the six fundamental pillars of Digital Marketing to keep marketers on top of their minds when executing a digital strategy. Let’s have a look. 

  • Smart SEO

Since around 70% of online experiences begin with a search engine, it’s mandatory to keep an eye on modern tactics and the latest approaches to stay ahead of the curve. Brands need to understand and improve their E-A-T, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. These elements have been Google’s focus in recent years to fight misinformation online. 

Good EAT is crucial for web pages and can make or break your website. It continues to transform organic search and Google’s first page results; hence should be taken care of. All in all, consumer brands should look for innovative SEO solutions to outperform over time, adapting to changes within the search ecosystem and eventually netting out competitors. If all that sounds complicated, consider contacting a professional digital marketing agency in Gurgaon to seek help. 

  • Up-to-the-mark Website UX

In addition to smart SEO, brands also require to have an up-to-speed website interface to offer an intuitive user experience. Excellent UX is part of a seamless customer experience across all digital and physical touchpoints and directly impacts what consumers think and feel about your brand. 

The website should be quick and effortless on the front end and simple to navigate on the back end. Make sure you have a fast, responsive site optimized for Core Web Vitals to stand out from the crowd. Remember that a good user interface can raise website conversion by up to 200%. 

  • Content Marketing

Needless to mention that the Internet is all about content. People search the web to find information; hence, your content will determine your overall online performance. A well-researched piece of article or blog is not only useful in promoting your products but also helpful in generating quality leads. 

The right content will help move potential customers through the sales funnel without putting in additional effort. Content Marketing forms the building block of your overall marketing strategy. Whatever you are publishing on your website should be valuable and relevant to your customers. It must solve their problems, thus giving rise to the ultimate win-win situation. 

  • Strategic SEM

Search Engine Marketing mainly focuses on the traffic to your website from paid advertisements. As brands seek to show up in searches and gain traffic against competitors, they are continuously investing in paid media to build a seamless search experience. 

‘Google Ads’ performance harnesses the power to advertise across all the Google networks. It can unlock new insights about customers’ interactions with your brand and products, so you can improvise your existing digital marketing strategy to attain positive results. If you don’t know how to carry out the strategic SEM and need help figuring out the process, opt for digital marketing services in Gurgaon and let them handle the paid media. 

  • Relationship Building and Outreach

Since the modern marketing landscape is all about reaching as many people as possible and creating long-lasting relationships, it’s vital to make a good first impression to strengthen your company’s online presence. 

It helps you get valuable backlinks or mentions, thus creating a huge impact and improving SEO results. Email Outreach is a powerful way to kickstart relationship-building and share valuable content with the potential audience. It can help create real relationships that may lead to other business opportunities later on down the line. 

  • Performance-Driven Influencer Marketing

How could we skip the influencer marketing approach when outlining the fundamental pillars of digital marketing strategy for success? Around 90% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is effective and provides higher-quality customers. 

This approach mainly uses trusted voices to validate and build brand awareness. It helps drive a greater Return on Influence by switching from testing the waters to scaling this crucial marketing channel. 

Summing Up

A strong digital presence is a must-have for all businesses to survive this cutting-edge competition and drive much-needed growth. So, these are six fundamental pillars you must take care of when creating a digital marketing strategy. Hope it helps.