4 Stats That Reflect The Importance Of Social Media Marketing In Business

When it comes to social media for business, the benefits can’t be overlooked. In today’s digital age, social media has become a way of living. With over 53% of the world’s population is using it. this has emerged as a powerful way to connect with the audience and to express whatever you feel like.

Social media marketing has been around us for many years but this wave of transformation gets accelerated by the events of 2020. A majority of new businesses have joined this platform to broaden their reach to the intended audience and grow their brand exponentially. 

But before deciding which social media platform your business should put paid advertising behind or before investing in the same, it is vital to use data that supports your efforts. 

To put it simply, we have listed 4 statistics that prove the importance of SMM for business of every shape and size. 

Let’s dig right in!!

1- Around 55% of the customers learn about new brands on social media

Long gone are those days when your brand used to get attention from TV commercials as today, a majority of potential customers prefer OTT or social media over Television. 

In the age of streaming, we don’t need to watch TV or listen to time-consuming ads anymore. Therefore, social media platform has now become a new place of discovery where businesses can put their ads to create brand awareness. 

So, if you are looking for a worthy investment, then consider social media marketing and take your brand to the target audience. According to GlobalWebIndex, 67% of Gen Z and 57% of Millenials use social media platforms for brand discovery. 

Hence, if your brand is not poised to capitalize on the growing networks, these consumers will most likely discover your competitors first, leaving you far behind in this cutting-edge competition. 

2- 78% of consumers usually make a purchase after having a positive experience with brands on social media

Never underestimate the power of positive brand experience since it is the driving force that generates leads and sales According to Sprout Social, around 78% of the customers are willing to make a purchase after having a good brand experience on the social media platform. 

Now, that experience can be driven by anything, be it engaging content, top-notch customer service, the right volume of posts, or anything in between. 

3- 80% of the business executives agree on the fact it is important to invest additional resources in their social media marketing strategy

Social media brings different experiences to different businesses. While it is welcoming and accessible for the big brand names, newbies might have to do a bit extra hard work to reach the audience. 

They require to add the appropriate tools and resources to their social media marketing strategy to effectively communicate with audiences at scale. 

4- 93% of the marketers claim that social media has accelerated the competition within their business

It’s not going to be easy to stand this high-voltage competition in this digital era. Sprout Social’s report claims that around 93% of marketers agree with the fact that social media platform has taken the competition to the next level. 

In addition to this, 90% of marketers also believe that social data helped them to differentiate their brand from their competitors and enables them to make informed business decisions. 

Folding up

For businesses who are wondering when to start investing in social media marketing, the time is now. The sooner you start embracing this platform, the farther the social current will take you. 

So, wait no more!! Start fueling up and invest in the right social media marketing agency in Gurgaon to get a head start on your competitors and eliminates the risk of being left behind.