How to Use Reddit to Drive Traffic to Your Site?

Founded in 2005, Reddit enables its users to generate a variety of news, rate web content, and commence discussions with like-minded people. It’s been the home to several controversial communities and has a reputation for having ruthless users. 

So, here’s my question – Can we use Reddit to drive traffic? Or is this platform beneficial for creating engagement and attracting potential audiences? To your surprise, Reddit is an amazing source of traffic generation and can grow your website by manifolds. Wondering how is that possible and how to use Reddit to drive traffic. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Why Reddit is Preferred Over Other Social Media Platforms?

There are various reasons why people prefer Reddit over other social media handles. A few of them are listed here for our readers’ sake of convenience. 

  • Reddit is a good source of social data and helps you learn new information. In general, you can use this platform for social research. 
  • Are you still wondering what is Reddit used for? It lets you find a community of like-minded people where you can express your interests and thoughts without being judged. 
  • While Reddit may seem complex at first glance, it’s surprisingly easy to get the hang of. Account creation and management on Reddit is simple and hassle-free. 
  • This platform allows you to select an audience you can relate to. 
  • It features a dedicated page to help new users understand how they can use Reddit to run a successful ad campaign. 
  • Moreover, Reddit has a ranking system that lets you evaluate how your ads perform regarding the reception. 
  • Finally, it has a diverse audience that offers the potential for your business niche to thrive. 

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How to Use Reddit for SEO?

Now that you are acquainted with the basic info let’s outline how to use Reddit for SEO. Stick to the following instructions and build your tribe on this social media platform. Here’s how. 

1. Make your presence on Reddit Noticeable

First thing first. Users must need a Reddit account to get started and become active Redditors. Remember that you cannot just create an account and start promoting your website or business. 

Being an active Redditor eliminates the likelihood of judgment that you’re only on the platform for the sake of business promotion. Reddit is widely known for its genuine and ruthless audience; hence, keep controversy and judgments at bay to attract more people to your account. 

2. Keep it Relevant

Content relevance is vital for all platforms, but its value increases by manifolds when it comes to Reddit. If you wish to attract other Redditors to your post, keep things relevant to the users. Avoid content that addresses too broad of an audience. 

Start by getting subreddits whereby other Redditors will relate to your account. Research popular content and give genuine information to avoid criticism. If the end goal is to sell a product or get social media followers, do some customer development first. It gets you in touch with what your audience wants while saving you time and effort in the long run. 

3. Act as a Normal Reddit User

That’s possibly the most important point on the list, especially for impatient marketers. You need to be a Redditor and not to be a marketer to attract the audience. Interact with the rest of the site, be active, and build up a post history that shows you are a normal user. 

Reddit users are very passionate about the site; hence, put your best foot forward to keep them engaged. 

4. Host an Ask Me Anything on Reddit

What if you have introduced yourself as a marketer? How to use Reddit to keep criticism away? Don’t freak out, and host an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. It creates a lot of buzz on the platform while allowing other Redditors to eliminate their doubts and concerns. 

The best part is that you don’t have to be famous to host an AMA. To make the most of this session, don’t hold anything back and give Redditors what they want. 

Key Takeaway

That’s all about how to use Reddit to drive traffic. While Reddit is one of the leading platforms to build your tribe, you must be well-informed about the rules and regulations to get the much-needed exposure. One little mistake and all your efforts will go in vain. Hence, be cautious and stay active.


1. What are subreddits?

Subreddits are a type of community, particularly made for specific topics. 

2. What are the best tips to post on Reddit?

Make sure your content is free from typos and spelling errors. It must be read naturally and contain genuine information. 

3. What should be avoided when using Reddit to drive traffic?

Bring your best efforts to the table and avoid general marketing tactics. Be an active Redditor and address your community’s concerns in the least possible time.