How To Optimize Your Content For Google Discover Feed?

Google Discover is a powerful tool that allows you to surface content from your site on the Google search engine. Since its release in 2018, this feature has gained lots of popularity and now boasts around 800 million monthly active users. But as a bundle of surprise, you cannot make your content eligible to appear on Google Discover just by adding information or keywords; as there’s much more to it. To help you out, our experts have compiled a detailed guide on how to optimize your content for the google discover feed so that it’s as effective as possible when users are looking for information on specific topics. Read on and take your content marketing to the next level.

Google Discover – Why does it Matter?

Here are mentioned some reasons why optimizing your content for Google Discover is important. Check them out and see whether it’s worth investing your time in or not.

  • It’s a sharable metaphor

Google loves content that is shareable and explanatory. If your content can be easily understood by your readers, it’s more likely to be shared on social media or republished on other sites. By optimizing your content for Google Discover, you’re making it easier for people to find and share what you have to say.

  • It provides access to new readers

Google makes it easy for people to discover new content by including popular blogs in its Discover section. If you have good content that other bloggers are recommending and promoting, chances are high that someone will stumble across it if they’re looking for information on a specific topic. Optimizing your content for Google Discover increases the chances that people will take the time to read through your posts before moving on.

5 Proven Ways to Optimize Your Content For Google Discover

Google Discover is a great way to reach new readers and encourage them to check out your blog content. However, if you’re not using optimal content marketing techniques, your blog content may not rank as high as you want. Hence, we have mentioned some proven ways to optimize your content for Google Discover to make the most out of it.

1. Avoid Clickbait Titles

Google is known for being a search engine that indexes content from millions of websites. As such, it is important to make sure your content is not only useful but also engaging and interesting to users. One way to achieve this is by avoiding clickbait titles. Such titles are likely to be more engaging and will help draw users in. So, try to come up with captivating titles that showcase your content in the best possible way and insist the users click on it.

2. Use High-Quality Images In the Content

One of the most important factors when optimizing your content for Google Discover is using high-quality images. Not only will this improve the user experience, but it also helps your content rank higher in Google Discover results. Making sure all of your images are resized to a high resolution ensures they’ll look their best in search results. Additionally, use PNG, JPG, and GIF formats for best results.

3. Focus on the valuable information

Another important factor to consider when creating content for Google Discover is to focus on providing valuable information. This not only helps you rank higher in the results, but it will also allow users to find what they’re looking for more quickly.

Avoid writing duplicate or redundant content, and instead, provide unique insights that will be of interest to your readers. Content is always the king when it comes to appearing on Google Discover, and hence, never compromise its quality for any reason.

4. The more structured your data, the better

Google is always on the lookout for high-quality content that can be easily searched and found. To optimize your content for Google Discover Feed, you should incorporate structured data into your articles. Make sure your paragraphs are well-organized and easy to read. You can also use interesting imagery and graphics to break up your text and make it more interesting to look at.

This will help Google to understand what your content is all about and why it should be highlighted, Moreover, a good structure or schema makes it easier for people to find the information they are looking for, which further adds to your ranking.

5. Make sure all of your content is updated regularly

Keeping all of your blog posts up-to-date will help to ensure that they rank higher in Google Discover. This will also encourage readers to come back frequently and explore new content themes and topics. Additionally, you should add keywords throughout the post to attract your target audience.

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Summing Up

There is no denying that if you have good content, Google will give it prominence in its search results and on related pages on its website. However, like any other marketing campaign, you need to make sure that your content is optimized for the google discover feed so that it can be seen by as many people as possible.