How to Use Instagram for Business in 2023

Instagram currently boasts over 2 billion monthly active users, making it the fourth most popular network. It is the most powerful tool that helps your brand to enhance your visibility and reach the target audience without splurging. 

This social media platform has enormous potential for small business owners to boost their marketing efforts. Instagram is well-suited for startups and new brands who don’t have enough time and budget for expensive marketing campaigns. Here’s how to use this robust network for business growth in 2023. 

Why do Brands Choose Instagram over Other Social Media Platforms?

With billions of monthly active users, Instagram has tightened its grip and outshined other social media giants. This platform is also considered a valuable social media marketing tool, helping businesses expand their reach and customer engagement. 

Here’s a quick lowdown of the five significant reasons why Instagram is a top choice for brands over other networks. 

  • Ideal for all business sizes

Since Instagram caters to billions of users with varying needs and interests, businesses of all sizes and preferences can thrive on this platform. It helps businesses increase brand awareness and find their potential audience by keeping an active presence. But remember that you should be consistent and maintain a routine when it comes to Instagram. If you don’t have enough resources, consider opting for professional social media services in Gurgaon for better results. 

  • To make business more relatable

Instagram is the most effective method to connect with your audience personally, thus making your business more relatable. Use IG stories to show behind-the-scenes looks and people who work there. Make the best out of Instagram Live events and build rapport, trust, and credibility with followers. 

  • Increases brand awareness and visibility

As a new business, you may be intimidated by the competition. However, you can separate your company from the herd with the proper marketing campaign and hashtags. In addition, businesses can partner with influencers to build brand awareness.

  • To keep an eye on competitors

Instagram is an ideal method to keep an eye on your competitors and see how they interact with their followers. Monitor carefully and determine how often they post, their content, and how they engage with their audience. Take inspiration and refine your current marketing strategy for better outcomes. 

  • Draw attention and gain more customers

Unlike other social media platforms, where you must appear professional and follow a specific tone, Instagram allows your marketing team to unleash its creative side. Post whatever you find attractive and beneficial to gain draw attention. Show your brand’s personality and bottom line to the public and gain loyal customers. 


Instagram Marketing Best Practices 

Instagram is a powerful social media channel with enormous marketing potential to grow an audience and skyrocket sales. If your business isn’t active on this platform, those potential opportunities might never find their way to your product or services. 

Hence, to lend you a hand, we’ve outlined some best Instagram Marketing practices that will help you succeed in 2023 and beyond. 

1. Establish a content theme that aligns with your audience

Although you are free to post anything on your Instagram handle, make sure your content aligns with your target audience. Otherwise, your efforts and creativity will go in vain. 

Determine what your audience expects from your posts and create your content accordingly. Use your followers’ interest to establish content pillars or themes and ensure it also makes sense with your brand. Some of the content themes you can use on Instagram are

  • Giveaways
  • Motivation
  • Product Demos
  • Educational
  • User-Generated Content
  • Productivity
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Mental Health

2. Select the right type of content & be relatable

Now that you’ve got the basics of the content pillar or theme, it’s time to get posting. Instagram allows businesses to post content in five different ways, including Posts, Stories, IG Live, Reels, and IGTV. 

Whatever type you choose, make sure to be relatable. Remember, it’s a post and not an advertisement. Be mindful that users will immediately skip your content as soon as they feel promotional vibes. Draft content in such a way that it looks genuine, engaging, and non-promotional.

However, it doesn’t mean that you always have to post non-promotional content. You can post persuasive and promotional things, but it should be in the mix with plenty of non-sales content to make your account worth following. 

3. Tag your products

Tagging two or more products per day can multiply your transactions by manifolds. Brands can tag their products across different surfaces, including Instagram Reels, Stories, Posts, and even ads. 

Instagram product tagging feature allows users to buy products directly on Instagram without ever leaving the platform. If you are new to Instagram and don’t have an idea about this useful feature, connect with a social media agency in Gurgaon and let them handle Instagram marketing for your brand. 

4. Engage with your followers

Keep in mind that Instagram is a social media network and not a broadcasting service. It means that your followers expect two-way communication and a sense of community. 

Hence, you must evaluate creative ways to connect with your audience and make them feel valued. If you want people to engage with your content, you’ve got to get engaged yourself. Follow them back, like their posts, and keep the conversation going by responding to their comments and DMs. 


Summing Up

Doing well on Instagram is more than posting interactive photos or videos. Businesses must follow the appropriate practices and maintain consistency to thrive on this network. Finally, make sure your efforts are paying off by measuring your Instagram success. 


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